Forensic Foundations’ Proficiency Tests are designed to test the end-to-end forensic process – from collection to court. The 2018/9 program covers a range of forensic disciplines and in addition to the advertised program, we are working with a number of discipline groups to directly address their specific needs.

The 2018/9 Proficiency Test flyer can be downloaded here. More information regarding the underlying philosophy and design of the tests can be downloaded here – brochure and video. Tests can be purchased on-line by credit card or by invoice or contact us directly.

In addition to the tests discussed in these documents, we are in discussion with the following discipline groups:
• Pathology;
• Palynology;
• Odontology & anthropology;
• Fire scene investigation; and
• Digital Forensics.

We have also had requests to discuss illicit drugs including clandestine laboratory investigations, explosives and site remediation.

In addition, in 2019, we are producing an interlaboratory collaborative test for ignitable fluids residue. We are offering this as an interlaboratory collaborative test rather than a proficiency test as we need to ensure that we can transport the test items such that what we send is what the participants receive.

If you would like to discuss an existing test or a test suggestion for your discipline group, please contact us.