August and September saw Anna in Lyon, France (8th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference), Beijing, China (visit to the National Institute of Forensic Science and

the 10th Asian Forensic Science Network Annual Meeting & Symposium) and Perth, Australia (ANZFSS 24th International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences).

Prior to Anna’s departure for Lyon, we were in the market for good advertising for overseas. Clip-on koalas felt appropriate. Cute and distinctly Australian (Perfect for Lyon and Beijing). To add the advertising aspect we decided to hand make jackets with Forensic Foundations written on it. Little did we realize, cutting and stamping 1,000 small koala jackets would amount to quite a sizeable task.  The work was worth it however, as by the time Anna was finished her trip, she had given away all the koalas (1,000 in total)!!

At the EAFS meeting, Forensic Foundation was an exhibitor and Anna was a delegate. It was a frantically busy time. And Anna didn’t attend quite as many of the scientific sessions as she hoped but there was a lot of interest at the Forensic Foundations’ booth, particularly with respect to the Proficiency Testing program but also with respect to the ISO18385 Standard and Forensic Foundations’ training programs. Or was it the Koalas??





In China, Anna was invited to address the staff at the National Institute of Forensic Science and was an invited keynote speaker at the AFSN meeting.

At the National Institute Anna made presentations on the ISO18385 Standard, on the accreditation of forensic science laboratories in Australia and on the Forensic Foundations’ Proficiency Testing program. This was followed by a meeting with the National Engineering Laboratory for Forensic Science, which is the section of the laboratory responsible for Quality Management.

The Keynote presentation also related to Quality Management and covered the range of International Standards currently applicable to Forensic Science. These standards include those developed by ISO, OSAC, ENSFI, and AS.

This time Anna was only a delegate and therefore had the opportunity to attend more scientific sessions and pursue more in-depth delegates. Although an offer to visit the Imperial Palace in the Forbidden City was not turned down!!

Back in Australia, Forensic Foundations  was again delegates at ANZFSS (this time Ben joined Anna); this time combining our exhibition with our 10th birthday celebrations. So again, we tried to juggle attending scientific sessions and reading posters, with exhibiting and running party games.

PS Congratulations to all our game winners and thank you to everyone who took part.




And as icing on the (birthday) cake we conducted our first and pilot ‘Advanced Court Skills’ workshop in the Western Australia Supreme Court, the day after the conference finished.