Forensic Foundations has conducted the ‘Expert Witness Training’ and ‘Provision of Expert Evidence’ workshop for the last 10 years. In 2019, we will be formally launching the ‘Advanced Court Skills’ workshop.

We all recognize giving oral testimony in court is a skill, as important as the technical aspects of forensic practitioners’ role.

Whilst many practitioners have participated in some introductory training, this workshop is designed for forensic practitioners with some (or a lot) of experience giving evidence and aims to build on that experience.

The workshop will run for two days in a ‘real’ courtroom with access to video link and participants can attend day one, day two or both days.

Day one will include discussion, demonstration and practice in the advanced techniques used during cross-examination and practices to respond to such techniques and also some time spent on voice training including clarity & projection.

Day two will include an opportunity for the participants to present their evidence via video link and as part of a ‘hot tub’ (Concurrent evidence).

Dates are yet to be finalized but there will be one workshop held in Melbourne in January 2019 and in other capital cities following the introductory ‘Expert Witness Training’ workshops scheduled for July and August 2019. Workshops can also be conducted in-house on a mutually convenient date.